All About Our Farm.


             Welcome to 4 Season’s Farm!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Our farm, located in Northwest Georgia, is about ten miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We are  smaller than average  having close to seventy-five acres of land to farm, but we are big in heart! We raise Belted Galloway cows (beef cattle), also known as the Oreo cow because of their color. We also raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, which are a milk breed. We have several horses on our farm and  a donkey who keeps things very interesting!

We are family owned and operated. My husband has raised beef cattle for over 30 years. In the past, he always taken his livestock to the market with the exception of our own beef. Today he has opted to support local farmers and markets by providing his beef for sale from our farm. 

Our beef is pasture raised in a stress free environment with grass and free choice hay all year. They are antibiotic free and hormone free. We do not pull our cows from the pasture to finish them with grain, we finish them on pasture.  We also make sure we keep our land and cows in ratio, meaning we do not overload our pastures. Our cows have plenty to eat and never have to be supplemented with grain. We have chosen the Belted Galloway breed due to their size and hardiness. They are also lower in saturated fats, and the meat is very tasty. We can attest to that for ourselves. Grilled steaks need no seasoning and they are very tender.